All about Hacking

All about Hacking

Hello Friends, Now a days I have seen a new trend emerging in the Virtual world (Simply say on the Internet). Most of the people are searching for only one common term on the internet that is “Hacking”. Most frequent search terms are “Facebook hacking”, “How to hack any WhatsApp account”, “Hack Gmail account” are the key terms that are being searched on Google. So, in this post I am going to clear things like what is Hacking? , Types of Hacking, Types of Hackers? , How to be a hacker? Well I am not going to discuss any hacking tricks here but if you are a beginner these are the things you must know about.

What is Hacking?

The term hacking was first emerged at MIT and the first Hacker was from MIT. Hacking is something you can say is “Unauthorized access” entering a system without permission and to violate its discipline (method of working) is referred as Hacking. In context breaking into a system through loop holes present in the system and violating the System or affecting the privacy of its users.
Example: You hacked your college website and post an image of kindergarten on the home page of the website in called hacking (I hope you will not do that).

Types of Hacking

System Hacking:

In this type a hacker hacks into someone’s system and execute commands without permission of the admin of that system, Ex: Take a screenshot of the system.
In system hacking the system which is been hacked is called a host and hacking system is called local system.

Website Hacking:

In this type of hacking a website is accessed without permissions and the look or data of the website is changed or some terrifying messages are posted on it. This attack make a big impact on the website reputation and there is a decrease in the number of users after this attack.

Database Hacking:

All websites and apps include databases that stores the data about users that are using that website or app. Database consist of user name, email id, mobile number and the most important data “Passwords” are also stored in a database. In database hacking hacker gets access to database and makes user private data public and this is a big attack for users of that service. Website like Facebook and twitter spend a good amount of money on their database protection because their database is the core thing for this website.

E-mail Hacking:

This the most used and oldest hacking type because e-mail is present from the birth of internet and most of the services use email for password recovery options. In e-mail hacking mail account is hijacked and intended mails are send to your mailing address. Today also it the most preferred type of hacking by hackers because by email you can spread a message at a very fast rate.
Well e-mail is abbreviated as Electronic mail but you can tell it as an Electricity of internet. (Due to it’s speed)

Password Hacking:

This type of hacking is most searched among the all types of hacking because password are the most important user data. In this type of hacking user password is fetched using techniques like guessing, brute force attack, dictionary attacks etc. Sometimes password of users are open to hackers due less security of the Database. The biggest defense to password hacking is to make your password complex and should not resemble to any meaning but arises a problem that the user is not any more able to remember his/her password.
Bonus Tip: - Make your password strong and note it down into a page maybe your personal diary which is not accessible to anyone.

Network Hacking:

In this type of hacking the information about network is stolen like domain information, admin information, port information etc. It is carried out using Commands like telnet, nmap, wireshark etc. It is mainly used to carry out Ddos attacks (Distributed denial of service).

Above are the major types of hacking we will now classify types of Hackers. You may have heard about black hat hackers or ethical hackers who are they and what they do let’s see. I hope you are not getting bored….. [ A quick fact for you in a study it was found that 80% of the hacking is done for just fun and to kill boredom ]. I think now your boredom is not present any more.J

Hacking Matrix Effect

Types of Hackers

Script Kiddie:

This are the hackers who are just beginners to hacking. You can’t tell them real hackers, script kiddie is a person who uses tools which are made before by someone to perform hacking. They do not do very big hacking tasks, can be labelled as novice to hacking.


This are the people from whom the empire is governed they are the real hackers. Crackers are the people who develops hacking tools according to their need. This people are really good programmers and have a good amount of brain. Some best crackers for the history are Kevin mitnick, Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux OS).


This are the people who work for political or social reasons by hacking they change human minds and perform their intended tasks. This are very dangerous because of the increasing sociability of the internet by this a whole country or a infrastructure can be destroyed within days.

White Hat Hackers:

They are also called Ethical Hackers. They do hacking for a good cause that is to test a system and find faults by which hacking can be done and to fix them. This process is called Unit Testing, companies heir good ethical hackers to test their system for loop holes.

Black Hat Hackers:

They are the people that you should not be. Black hat hackers hack the systems for bad or say false wish and take bad advantage of the system flaw. This type include crackers and hacktivist, there is always a war between white hat and black hat hackers.

Gray Hat Hackers:

These are the hybrid version of both white and black hat hackers because according to the situation they can perform black as well as white hat hacking. Secret government organizations like CIA, FBI heir this type of hackers do perform various hacking tasks.

Green Hat Hackers:

Stop!!! Guess it is so simple to know the tasks of these hackers. Do you get it what is that green mean? OK simply this hackers do hacking for only and only money (Green).

Blue Hat Hackers:

These type of Hackers are specially a part of a company or an organization and they test the system of that particular organization only.

Personal Note: I recommend you to firstly learn how the system works than find out the loop hole in that system. To do that I recommend you to learn Programming rather finding hacking tricks in google. So, from today I hope you will start searching Programming Tutorials on google.

I am eager to know how this post helped you So, comment about it below.
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