Everyone can Program.

Every one can program

Hey, do you want to know that what is programming and why today most of people are learning it. Then you are at the right place.
This article is going to be a little long so grab your coffee cup and get ready to know that Why should you learn Programming?

What is Programming:

 While dealing with technology especially computers you may have heard this term “Programming” So, what is this programming (it’s not my cup of tea). Programming is a process to solve a given problem by using computational thinking. It’s simply creative problem solving, anyone who loves to solve problems will find programming joyful and interesting.

Why most of us not doing it:

According to a survey in next 10 years around 1.4 million jobs in Computer Science will be created and only 0.4 million will be qualified for this jobs Oh!! NO that’s a shortage of a Million People  J . One of the likely reason why this happen is wrong myths about programming which led to decrease your interest in programming and sets a fear in your brain that programming is something like Quantum Physics which is very hard to understand and apply.

Myths about Programming:

1)  To be a good programmer you need to be good at math. But this is totally wrong concept to be a programmer you need to know only basic math operations, I am not good at math but I perform very much good in programming. The thing you should be good at is creative Problem solving that’s it.

2)  To start programming you should know a big amount of data like codes, languages. Truly you need nothing except Zeal to learn programming.

3) Programming needs lots of resources and lots of guidance. Nowadays to develop a thing resources are getting lesser and lesser every month a new programming language is evolving which is better, simpler, and faster than the previous one. Guidance is not an issue there are lots of free websites, YouTube videos and tutorials which help you to learn programming languages in a play form.

    These are some myths which should be kicked out of         your mind and start doing programming.

Powers of Programming:

In the era of 21st century if anything is near to magical powers is only programming. Look at your surrounding everything thing you use every day has some bit of programming in it From your mobile to the satellite rotating around our planet earth are programmed to keep our lives running .Programmers are the wizards of tomorrow they are the architects of your world So, why you want someone to shape your world do it yourself start programming today.

Best places to start:

Programming language: Python or C language
You can start with a high level language like Python or Low level language like C. But if you do not want to enter in the coding stuff and develop your logic first that websites like code-combat, code.org will help you a lot as this will teach you programming in a graphical method or you can use a language called Scratch developed by MIT which has drag and drop functionality to do programming and you did not have to type a single line of code.

Benefits of Programming:

There are lots of benefits of programming firstly it develops deep thinking capabilities in you which ultimately results into success. Today most richest people belongs to this field only (Larry Page, Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg,etc.)

Moral of This Post:

Remember one thing a human brain has made a computer not a computer has made  us. So, remove all fears any try programming  I guarantee you will like it.
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