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I you are reading this post, I am sure that you already have used Google. It is the most popular internet search engine and an inseparable part of an internet user.

Google was founded back in 1998 by two Stanford students Larry page and Sergey brin. In the last decade Google has evolved from a search engine company to a lot more. Google has its footsteps into fields like e-mail services, Robotics, Machine learning, cloud Computing and many more.

What Google search actually does is it indexes every webpage and stores in link (Meta data) into its servers than by using its algorithm called “Pagerank” (Named after Larry page) its ranks websites according to their reputation.
We use Google to search find everything. But there are many ways to find specific information on Google very fast. Let’s dive into and see how we can search Google in smart way.

Every second Google gets this much search queries.

Google Searches

   1)  Inurl:””

Inurl Google

This will search only for URLs containing your keyword. Suppose you want some music sites than you can search for inurl:”music”.

    2)  Intext:”Programming”

This will search inside data of webpages and will search for the keyword given.

   3)  Cache:””

If a site is down and you need some information try out its cache and get the work done

   4) Index
Index Google

Don’t go to pages with ads for movie downloading use this syntax “index”of”Xyz movie” and you are done get to the link directly.

   5)  Browse top products this month.

Just visit this URL and browse top products of this month and you can also browse catalogs of products stored by Google at

This are some smart ways to search out Google but the story does not stops here there more tricks out there in Google like you can play a game in Google and many more See our post : Google Tricks

Fact: Yet Google has that much data but still it’s just 30% of the whole internet.

Hope you find this post interesting. Be sure you comment below because I love your feedbacks.
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Amul Sharma
10 June 2016 at 12:39 delete

very good tricks....thanks....

10 June 2016 at 12:55 delete

Thanks for you feedback :) :) :-bd

10 June 2016 at 20:31 delete

Good Question :)

The best answer will be that only few people knows how google actually ranks webpages basically Google does not have only one algorithm yes Page Rank is the basic but over time there are plenty new of them like Hummingbird etc.

Page Rank works like we have two webpage Page-A and Page-B now when algorithm check for this both its checks how many sites are linking in and out from these webpages the one who has more ratio over this goes rank up. :)

Well Thanks for your comment :-bd :-bd

11 July 2016 at 21:08 delete

YouTube movie about a new way to faster Internet search


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