AI learns Nobel Prize winning experiment in an hour !!

AI learns Nobel prize winning experiment in a hour!!

After the fabulous success of Google Deepmind’s Alpha Go A.Ithat defeated World Go playing champion Lee Sedol, A.I is proving its innumerable possibilities that it opening for us. It is now doing pretty complex things and one of them was done recently by scientists of Australian National University(ANU).

So, at ANU A.I learned a Nobel Prize winning experiment is just an hour!! They taught a computer to learn how to make Bose-Einstein condensate or short as BEC in a short time of just an hour.

What is Bose-Einstein condensate?

States of Matter

They are three basic states of matter according to the movement of its molecules that are Solid, Liquid and Gas apart from this three there are two more one is Plasma and other is BEC. Plasma is attained at very high temperatures and very unstable also. BEC is attained when a matter is extremely cooled down and its molecules loses their individual properties and behaves as a wave form. The existence of this type of matter was first predicted by Indian scientist   Satyendra Nath Bose which was further proved by Albert Einstein

This video explains how particles behave in form of BEC.

How BEC is achieved?

BEC lasers

This was first done in the year 2001 by three physicists which gave them the 2001 Physics Nobel Prize. To make BEC is very hard it is made by bombardment of lasers that cools down a matter to near absolute zero.

What is the use of BEC?

Earth electromagnetic field

As, BEC is a super cooled matter its particles does not vibrate at all. Bose-Einstein condensate is used to take measurements of minute vibrations in the Earth’s Electromagnetic field.

What the A.I did?

AI learns Nobel prize winning experiment

So, at ANU scientists Paul Wigley and Michael Hush. Cooled down a gas to 1 micro kelvin and given to the lasers which were self-operated by computer and in an hour of testing it was able to make so many combinations to form BEC. An A.I could test as many combinations that we could not even think off is a pretty small amount of time.

Final Verdict

As stated by team at ANU they are many possibilities that Quantum computing can open for us. As we can see Artificial intelligence has started to sort out complex problems that a human mind might not understand this is just a beginning and there is a lot to come out. Let’s hope for the better future and till than you comment in the below section what you feel about A.I !

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