Google is making a new Operating System

Google is making a new Operating System + Fuchsia

If you are a computer science student and reading this post by end of this post something new for your field will come out in some corner of world. Remember you sit into the field in which anytime someone is sitting into his/her garage and coding out your future. So, welcome to the fastest changing field of world.

In today’s world the standards for our technologies are dependent on some dominant companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and the list goes on. If you want to do a high paying job in computer filed you should know what’s new is going in this big tech giants and under this today let’s focus on the giant one called “Google” ( Alphabet ).

With the introduction of Android to the world Google has boomed into a giant that no one has ever think of it is a boon for Java developers as Java programming language is the standard for android development. But as time is changing Google s keeping its pace in the race and upgrading its stack. This time Google is making a completely new Operating System and the most vital point to know it is not Linux based.
From, past years Google has been widely known to use Linux kernel in its OS likewise Android and Chrome OS. But now Google is developing a new OS called as “Fuchsia “which simply means Pink + Purple.

Why Fuchsia?

With the increase of IoT devices Google wants to an OS that can handle IoT devices at best. Linux cannot provide that amount of output to minimum resource hardware of IoT. Google is using an open source kernel for fuchsia called Magenta kernel. This move of Google seems to give a competition to commercial embedded OS’s like FreeRTOS and ThreadX. Well, that’s the kernel Google plans to use Flutter for UI and Dart as the primary programming language (Oh !! shit Java is out )

Where Fuchsia will be used?

Google plans to use Fuchsia in Onhub router and Google home and will also power 32-bit and 64-bit ARM CPU’s as well according to Google, Fuchsia will be soon available for Raspberry Pi 3. You can also run Fuchsia on your virtual machine with required hardware.

Will Fuchsia will replace Android?

For now the answer is no. but in future Google surely wants to replace Android and Chrome OS with Fuchsia. Still it is into development stage but set to release soon.

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