About Techlega

Techlega is actually a blog on tech updates,tricks,tips & many more. We help others to make aware of all the updates from the Technology World, protect them from cyber attacks by providing tips & tricks about staying safe on social media.
Our main goal is to aware you all about latest technologies, hacks , cracks & facts, happening around the globe.
So, " Stay Updated".

How Techlega Started:

We all are aware about Cyber attacks, Facebook hacks, card Carding, Site Cloning, Cross site Script attacks, Phishing attacks, Ddos attacks(Distributed Denial of Service),etc types to avail personal information about others. So, We thought a solution and came up with an idea to guide people about various techniques and how to apply them to surf internet safely. Techlega provides all kind of tips & tricks to make a person use internet safely and legally. That's why Techlega is short abbreviation of "Technology Legal" means use of technology in a legal way.

 Benefits of Techlega:

We have used advanced technology to make our blog user friendly. Our blog uses mobile responsive technology so that this blog can be viewed from any portable devices like Tablets, Phablets, iPads, iPhones, Android Smartphones and many more.

To reach our visitors anytime we are on different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. To make it more convenient we have also created a WhatsApp Group named "Techlega".
We also have a YouTube Channel where we provide videos regarding technology, programming languages and updates.

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